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Firstly i would like to introduce myself, my name in Ben Proffitt i have been a professional/semi professional windsurfer since i left college at 19 years old..  i’m now 38!! yes yes i know…  i’m knocking on a bit! 🙂

I’ve been windsurfing for a total of nearly 30 years as i started in 1987 and i have to say i’m as passionate about windsurfing now as i was when i first started back at Bala Lake in the 80’s!

I’ve been involved with nearly every discipline in windsurfing from Tiga Aloha U15’s racing (where i place 3rd in the world) to Race board (National champion many times) to a 4 year Mistral One design Olympic Campaign (i made the Indoor Champion 2014pre Olympics twice) to Freestyle (National champion) then moving into Wave sailing (British champion many times/highest ranking at PWA event 5th) to Indoor windsurfing (Wo2016-05-28 11.47.05 amrld champion Slalom) so what ever you want to say, I’ve had a lot of experience in a lot of disciplines at the highest level.


Anyway back to Windsurfing.TV and why I am setting up this site?

Well I’m passionate about windsurfing and still get excited by it. Over the last 5 years I have moved into the media side of windsurfing starting off with the CommentatingTraining Diaries which have gone from strength to strength and have great support every year (thanks everyone that has chipped in Beer money ) and the PWA Live stream commentator job which I do in-between my heats. Not easy to do both and i’m not sure it has helped my results, but I really enjoy giving energy to the stream and helping to promote our sport. Ok.. I still haven’t answered the question.. haha…

Basically I still think we are missing something. What I really think windsurfing needs is a weekly/monthly round up show of what is going on in the sport. I’d like to base it on Training Diaries style, but rounding up what is going on around the globe. Is it possible? hmmmm…  Well we’ll soon see!  …it’s not totally worked out yet but it will happen! …So watch this space! 🙂

how-to-windsurfing-tv-titleWhy the website?  Yep..  i could just do this on a YouTube channel…  But for now, I wanted to try and build a website to catalog all the Training Diaries in one place. Then I thought it would be cool to catalog all the sailor vids in one place..  then the best movies…  then I thought hang on …  maybe we could do a Worldwide spot guide? We could have coaching tips and equipment tips….
To be honest I have a massive list of things in my head I want to do but lets keep them in there for now!!!  (don’t look in there…it’s a strange place haha)

Anyway.. I reckon i’m going to be a busy boy, but I’m going to make it happen. It’s going to start slow, but towards the end of 2016 I should be more on track.

It obviously needs to bring in money. How much?  I’m not sure! .. but the more money this project can bring in, the better the show will be and the more external help I can draft in. I have Alfie Hart (Boards/Boardseeker) lined up at the moment – I’m just working out how to pay him! haha..

As you can see, it’s definitely a work in progress and if you have any ideas I’m always keen to hear them. I’ll probably totally ignore them, but you never know!  I’m kidding – send them over!  To be fair though, ideas are not the problem, it’s just having the time to execute them!

If you do have any , please leave a comment on the Feedback page.






  • Neil 1 year ago

    Mate, love the windsurfing tv t-shirts. Where and when are they available??

  • joris 7 months ago

    Ben, amigo, any update on the shirts?


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