‘Oooopps’ – StoryTime with Robby Swift

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Published on July 13, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

A NEW feature starting this week on Windsurfing TV is ‘Story Time’
This is where windsurfers from around the world tell us their stories from the road.
There are some serious ones… funny ones and ones that will make you go ‘Noooooo’!
Robby Swift starts us off with a story from Jaws this winter!

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  • random wannabe surfer 2 years ago

    Really cool feature! would love to see more story times…

    • Windsurfing.TV 2 years ago

      Well it’s good someone likes the new feature haha… thanks for the comment… You can come again 🙂
      But yeah.. over the years i’ve heard some great stories (and have my own) so thought i would start this up and try and share them with you guys.


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