Make it Turn – Federico Morisio

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Published on July 20, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

Really impressive clip from Federico ripping up maui…  even more impressive is if you look at the first Training Diaries i did in Pozo 2015. yes.. that is the same bloke!!!  I featured him and i have to say his improvement in level has been extreme..  he has worked super hard and it’s great to see all the hard work paying off!

Federico Morisio:   I spent the last spring in Maui, Hawaii, mostly sailing Ho’okipa. I’ve been working a lot on my turns, trying to make them more tight, vertical and aggressive. For me that’s the most important thing in waveriding, the most difficult and technically beautiful. In Ho’okipa you can find the best riders in the world and you have the chance to look at their style and technique, which is awesome, but one of my goals is to create my own style and be recognised because of this. Not an easy task, for sure, but that’s the way to be remembered.
Luckily at the end of the trip I got some clips and decided to put them together to do a short video.

Thanks a lot to Giora Koren and Bea Sanchez for the clips, and to my bro Daiki Itoh for his original and stylish editing.

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