Live Scoring Explained – Freestyle

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Published on July 22, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

LIVE Scoring Explained – FreeStyle Windsurfing
With the Fuerteventura PWA World Tour Windsurfing about to Kick off (in an hour!)
We thought we would catch up with Philip Soltysiak to talk us through the NEW Live scoring system for Freestyle.
It’s simple.. Honest 🙂


Live scoring judging:

The live scoring system is very similar to the system previously applied at Freestyle events. The top 4 out of 7, or 3 out of 6 moves count.

Every move is awarded a maximum score out of 25 points. 5 points for variety, and 20 points for style and technical difficulty.

Step by step how it works:

1. A move is landed by a rider
2. The move name is input into the system by a spotter

3. The 3 judges award a score out of 10 based purely on the style and execution of the manoeuvre. They can award the same score for any move regardless of difficulty, according to the judging guidelines (for example a grubby could score the same as an air kabikuchi) the score is purely based on how well it is performed.

4. The judges’ scores are multiplied by the difficulty factor of that move, then divided by 10.
5. The computer calculates an average score out of 20 points from the judges; it halves the highest and lowest score from the judges, adds it to the median score. This is very similar to how it is currently done in wave scoring. It is a way to minimize the effect of a judge awarding a score much higher or much lower than other judges.

6. A variety score out of 10 points is awarded for every move.

7. The top move scores (depending on how many are counting) are tabulated to give a total per tack.

8. Port and Starboard tack are combined to give the final result.


There are 5 variety categories of moves.

UN – Uncategorised (red)
DS – Downwind sliding (yellow) US – Upwind sliding (purple) UP – Upwind Power (blue)
DP – Downwind Power (green)

Moves from the UN category receive 5 points for variety.

Moves from other categories (DS, US, UP, DP) receive 5 points for the first move from that category, 4 points for the second move from that category, 2 points for the third move from that category, and 0 points for the fourth or more moves from that category.

The highest variety score is always applied to the highest scoring move from each category in order to calculate the highest possible score.

Repeated moves: Moves that are in the same “Similar move category” are considered to be a repeat of a move. Only the highest scoring move from a “similar move category” receives a variety score.

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