Idiot’s Guide To Speed sailing – Ben Proffitt

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Published on September 5, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

Over 2 years ago I (Ben Proffitt) decided to try and challenge myself to see how fast i could go! I really wanted to at least break the 40knot barrier…

I gave myself one year and was fully keen to give it a proper go and see what i could achieve. This video was my first trip to the famous West Kirby to have a go at proper Speedsailing.

How did it go?

….well i’ll let you watch and find out 🙂

I wanted to do an idiots guide to Speed sailing… but i think it turned out to be more… An idiot going Speed sailing haha!

As for ‘the year’ of speed sailing… well that didn’t go quite to plan either… as it was never windy when i had the gear and time to go. So I only got one more chance at West Kirby….

But I did manage to get Over 40knots which was cool… but the conditions still weren’t great and that kind of made me think i can go a lot quicker!!

So after re-watching this… i really think i need to give it another go!!


*This was originally done for Boardseeker with Alfie Hart. So thought it was a shame not to have it on Youtube. So transferred it across to the channel.

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