FUERTEVENTURA Spiritual Journey – Alex Mussolini

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Published on June 21, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

After winter of sailing in El Cabezo, Tenerife, Alex Mussolini needed some time off. Side onshore winds of El Medano and the same wave braking in the exactly the same place all the time, makes windsurfing there like going to the gym. You can get your training done, but after awhile you need something else. You need to go to the place where you get side and side off wind, where the wave is more powerful. You need to clean your spirit, find the joy of windsurfing again. You need that adrenaline rush that you cant get in Cabezo. Thats why Alex went for this “Spiritual Journey” in search of something different. He didnt get much wind, but even 10 knots can be enough to get in the water and try to ride a wave that is not that predictable like the one in El Medano.

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