Ep-5 – Pozo Training Diaries – 2016

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Published on June 30, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

Episode 5 is Full power and out NOW!
Pozo has come to life in the last week and the action has been insane!
In this episode we have:
Off water training with Morgan Noireaux and what he’s doing to take on the best in Pozo.
Marc Pare shows he’s moved into the big boys league!
A crazy French bloke takes the Doppstadt Shredder of the week title.
Including the Big 5 off the LIP!!!!
Bunker cam is Back.. with a familiar face having a hard time.
Big balls award is replaced this week with the ‘Sore balls Award.
Justyna Sniady try to make more space on the water by taking out one of the Japanese crew.
We take another look at how to gybe like a rockstar.
and obviously the Rocket mn is back and this time it’s a Pro Montage!!

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  • Chris Bates 2 years ago

    Plastic is fantastic ! Get them stuck in ya board

  • BertrandSpir 2 years ago

    Yet another awesome diary. So much action going on there. Hope you guys have good condition for the PWA.

  • Leo 2 years ago

    Rocket Ma’an!!!!!!


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