Ep-4 – Pozo Training Diaries – 2016

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Published on June 20, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

Ep-4 is Online…
13 days until the start of the PWA World cup here in Pozo and things are starting to warm up.
In this Episode we go North looking for waves with Victor Fernández, Pons, Dieter Van der Eyken, Felix and crew.
Do Yoga with Thomas Traversa.
Sarah Quita gains 20cm in height.
2 sailors fight it out to become the Doppstadt Shredder of the week!
The Japanese crew multiply.
Julien Tabulet goes slalom blasting and invents a new move.
Plus… we find out that things aren’t quite what they seem in my last video ‘How to… gybe like a RockStar!!’
Link: http://windsurfing.tv/video/how-to-gybe-like-a-rock-star/
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  • Spir 2 years ago

    Love it! Keep it up!

  • Mario Milhazes 2 years ago

    Another great one!!! Cheers Ben!! Keep it up!! Thanks for sharing your passion!!

  • ? 2 years ago

    where is the “Rocket Man”?

  • Xav 2 years ago

    Moronic at 15′, I will be very careful to never buy anything from one of your sponsors ! There was more action and less talk before…

    • Windsurfing.TV 2 years ago

      Hi Xav.. please look at the video again 🙂 do you think i would sail into a rock? That’s what i am explaining in this video.. that it wasn’t me! It was another guy who didn’t want me to put him in the diaries.. so i said i would do a funny video and use him sailing into the rock and pretend it was me! Obviously the video was too good haha.. as everyone believed i sailed into the rock!
      There is a few give away signs that is wasn’t me if you look again.

      As for there was more action before.. well that might be something to do with the Weather conditions. If we get good conditions you will get good action. simple as that.


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