Ep-3 / Part 2 – Cape Town – Training Diaries – 2017

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Published on March 10, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

Episode 3… Club Vass Special… Part 2 is OUT!
YES… i did say Part 2 so if you haven’t watched Part 1.. Watch that first!

In Episode 3 Part 2 – Club Vass Special
– We find out who the Rocket man is at Club Vass
– Ollie gets double trouble… involving the a scorpion!
– We find out Girls can get a Big Balls award!!
–We also find out the future of Vass is in good hands!!!
– plus The Best Car and Truck hire in Cape Town Kenings don’t only do trucks!
– plus much more.. ok.. a little more!
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  • Basti 11 months ago

    Hey Ben, thanx for great entertainment – even one footed 🙂 … hope you get well soon! Regarding wishes, it would be nice to catch up some new content about the german rippers in CT, if there’s any available. Cheers Basti

    • Windsurfing.TV 11 months ago

      Well Sir due to you now being a KING in the ‘Beer money League of legends’ your wish is my command… well i’ll do my best anyway! haha
      To be honest a lot of guys have gone back now… only the die hard left but i’ll what i can do! 🙂 …cheers for the Beers (y)

      • Basti 10 months ago

        Hehe 🙂 … well, I’m glad to be one of the beer kings, but it even makes me more happy supporting you, with your outstanding tv project within the windsurfing community. I really hope there’ll be more followers supporting your project (specially in the industry), to “make windsurfing even greater again” 😉
        Cheers Basti

  • Kasper 10 months ago

    Great work Ben…. Wy dont you go on a trip with your new car… Elandenbaai I would like to see some action from that point break when its on….

  • Sven Karlsson 10 months ago

    Thx for great entertainment!
    I have a question regarding helmets. How come there are so few windsurfers wearing helmets doing such crazy moves? Would be interesting if you did some interviews with a few and asked about that and other protective gear. I have had a nasty accident myself with fin ripping up my leg and just lucky it was not the head. Also there are rocks, and all the other parts of the gear so for me it seems like a cheap insurance that most other action sports uses.


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