5 to 50knots – Balz muller

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Published on December 20, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

I got asked in the Summer

‘What is Freestyle?’

I replied ‘Balz Muller is Freestyle!!’

Haha.. i think this clip sums it up… Freestyle at it’s best… One month + off the water…  just go with it and see what comes up!

Balz muller:

‘After more than one months off the water tue some metalremovel out my ankle, I finally had the opportunity to test the new severne-wetsuits in a freezing cold Föhnstorm. The Föhn, a mountain katabatic-fallwind dropping from the south thru the Alpvalleys often reaching gusts over 50knotes and created a strongwind freestyle playground at lake Uri/ Urnersee in the middle of the Swissalps. Fact: the new SV-suit Primo/S-seal felt super comfortable and even the 6degrees cold mountain lake water couldn’t hold me back having a blast trying some weird move creation! And it seems my ankle holds the shit together even it still got some small swisschees screw holes.’


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