2015 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – part 2

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Published on June 23, 2015 by Windsurfing.TV

Again.. Already posted this on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/k800ben a few days ago… but putting it on Youtube as well by popular demand!! Internet is not great over here.. so it takes a while! Sorry! 🙂

Part 2 Training Diaries here in POZO is LIVE!!
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Only 20 days until the PWA World Tour Windsurfing Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival
Included in Part 2 :
Preview to a new feature ‘Viking Challenge’ ‘One to Watch’ ‘Nipper of the Week’ ‘Rocket Man’ and of course ‘The Doppstadt Shredder of the week’ Plus more..

A couple of Legends chipped in some beer money last time..
Brian Miller, Omar Waly and Harry Davidson..
and have made it into the hail of fame 🙂
Anyone else wanting to get their name on there and also help stop my vocal chords from drying out can do so… the link is below.


cheers 🙂
Fingers crossed the conditions step up… looking at the forecast we could be in for some killer sessions next week and the start of the Viking Challenge!!
Stay Tuned
Action from: Philip Köster Marcilio Browne Aleix Sanllehy Gonzalez Pons Training Ben Proffitt Markus Rydberg Official Graham Ezzy Gustav Haggstrom SWE-7

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