Windjeri Contest 2017 – Gollito Estredo, Edvan Souza plus more

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Published on November 27, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

Full power Jeri Comp… everyone going off!!!!  looks fun!!!

Max Brinnich: Last week it was going off in Jericoacoara, Brazil. The best riders of Brazil and some foreigners came together to battle for the crown of the famous Jericoacoara bay. While Gollito could beat local hero Edvan Souza in Freestyle, Souza striked back in Wave defeating Brazilian Wave legends Ian Mouro and Levi Lenz in some close battles…
The Girls fleed filled up with to Top4 of Womens PWA Worldtour: Maaike Huverman, Oda Johanne Brodholt, Arianne Aukes and local Aurora, who sailed some really good wave heats!
…here is a action best of filmed by Theresa Kellner with a rough edit of Max Brinnich.

thanks to the support of Jeri250, Windjeri, Greenish and Robinson Crusoe this Contest was possible!

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