Who will win €5000? – #olympustough Competition

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Published on January 30, 2018 by Windsurfing.TV
In the opening pack at the PWA Sylt World cup this year all the competitors were given a Olympus TG-Tracker… (It’s Basically a very tough action cam with overlay features. )  
Which was pretty awesome of olympus to do!!  …they also had a competition to Win $5000 for the Best video during the event.  Which Ben Proffitt and Adam Sims shared the prize… 🙂 
But Olympus was not finished there… they opened up another chance to Win $5000 and this time giving everyone until 31st January to submit their videos!!  …so not long left!
At the moment from what i can see there are 4 entries…  which one will win? Who knows… that’s up to Olympus!
But you can check them out below:
Adam Lewis
Ben Proffitt
Jaeger Stone
Moritz Mauch
Egor pop


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