Tonky Frans LAGN

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Published on April 30, 2014 by Windsurfing.TV

Tonky Frans, a legend in Freestyle Windsurfing.

His flawless style and his positive personality have made him famous all over the world. Whenever you see him down the beach he has a big smile, always relaxed and making jokes.

Tonky has been at the top of the PWA tour for a long time now and despite this he is still pushing his level and the level of windsurfing further everyday, inspiring older and younger generations alike to pick up freestyle and improve themselves.

I took some shots during his training in a lagoon in Fuerteventura and put a small action video together.
Here it is.

If you don’t have good speakers, use Headphones!

Music: Rick Ross – The Devil is A Lie ft. Jay Z

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