The Viking Diaries #9 – Maui – Markus Rydberg

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Published on April 26, 2015 by Windsurfing.TV

After an epic winter back in Sweden Markus went to Maui for the 2016 Simmer Style photo-shoot. We followed him during his time on the island as he did a lot more then just a photo-shoot.
For the action part we used the very same song used in an early Simmer Style video that partly got Markus into windsurfing!
/MacG Productions
Filmed by: Markus Rydberg, Lasse Rydberg, Gabriel Palm, Kim Andersson, Christopher Friis, Jules Denel, Ben Proffitt, Carl Nyberg, Mikkel Assmusen and Federico Morisio.
Music: Part 1: Stay in the shade – José González Part 2: I’ll be gone – Broder Daniel
Cover photo: 1 more photography

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