The Viking Diaries #10 – To the Canaries and back

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Published on September 4, 2015 by Windsurfing.TV

Markus spend 7 weeks on the Canaries this summer. He trained hard and we filmed some of his sessions. He participated in the two first PWA wave events, but unfortunately he didn’t pass the trials. Afterwards we followed him back home to Sweden and filmed a couple of sessions. Heres the outcome of a summer full of windsurfing and with sailing in both starboard and port tack conditions.
Filmed by: Gustav Häggström, Mikael Linder, Ola Häggström, Ben Proffitt, Christer Holm, Kent Zeiron and Markus Rydberg.
Edited by: Markus Rydberg
Music: The Four Forty Five Blues – Goldfish, No Cigar – Millencolin, Gucci Dough – Kixnare

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