The Official Windsurfing.TV PWA Pozo Show – 2017

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Published on July 21, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

Here it is.. The full 2017 PWA Pozo Event report.
It’s 37mins!!!!! Yes… it’s long But the FULL story….
Including interviews and behind the scenes insights… yes, yes i know you’ve seen a lot of Pozo footage but this is by far the Best review of the event and you won’t be disappointed… so get a cup of Tea or crack open a beer… sit back and enjoy the full 37min PWA Pozo Show…
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Edit and Filming by Alfie Hart

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  • Jus 6 months ago

    Awesome podcast boys! Chapeau bas! 🙂

  • NOTT 6 months ago

    yesh man, taking windsurfing broadcast to next level!!! WSL is the goal, keep on going 😉

  • Max 6 months ago

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • splash 6 months ago

    Briliant !

  • max speakman 6 months ago

    Ben this is awesome this need’s to be on Sky Sports !!!!!!!!!!

  • niko renfer 6 months ago

    wow, very entertaining!

  • Gareth Pryce 6 months ago

    A veritable feast for senses Benjamin! I concur with Max’s comment that this material merits a wider adience. Bravo!

  • Peter 6 months ago

    This was absolutely awesome!! Would be so cool to have something like this from every event!!

  • jon fanneran 6 months ago

    Quality…….. Really hope the PWA reconise what you guys are doing on their behalf?


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