Six years later – South Africa – Victor Fernandez

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Published on February 23, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

The PWA Wave World champ ‘Victor Fernandez’ back in Cape Town after 6 years break…  and he’s tearing the place apart!
By the looks of it he was loving Scarborough’s Breach break Death Bowl…   Smashing out goiters, 360’s and big airs.. But even the world champ gets it wrong some times!  haha.. great Crash!!

Victor Fernandez: It´s being six years since my last trip to South Africa. I had an amazing trip with my wife and many other friends in Cape Town plus I found great conditions in most of the spots but specially in the south like Cape Point, Scarborough & Witsand where most of the shots are shown on the video.

I was really impressed with the potential of this place for windsurfing, looking forward to get back in the future.
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