Screw Loose – Justyna Sniady

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Published on July 17, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

This Video is for everyone coming back from injury!!
Throw Back to Justyna Sniady ‘Screw Loose’ Video…  I mean she’s just finished 4th in the Pozo PWA World Cup 2017. Her Best result on Tour to date…  so this video is for anyone out there that is currently injured and is trying to get back to sailing!!

Remember everything is possible.. stay positive…  Good recovery everyone…  Trust me… i know how it feels!!


Here is my come back video!
“Rocky” voice-over part was made while I was waiting for my first surgery 2 years ago.. His words kept me motivated to push the rehabilitation and get back on the water.
Footage was gathered in various places over the last 2 years since I broke my foot. Hopefully I’m now back walking and sailing (despite bad predictions in the beginning) and even back on the bike:)
Big thanks to my family, friends and sponsors for making it possible.
Hope you’ll enjoy the action 🙂

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