Sardinia – Spot Guide – Murta Maria – Dieter van der Eyken

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Published on May 26, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

Dieter: After traveling to Porto Pollo during the first Episode of a Wind Driven Journey it’s time to explore the NE part of the island and go to a spot called Murta Maria to catch the Sirocco (South – East wind) on days the Mistral winds stop.

But before going to the windsurfing action we take a look at a local tradition of Sardinia called the Horse Riding. During this event, all local people gather for some drinks and watch some of Sardinia’s fastest horses & most skilled horseman/woman in a goal to win the Star riding competition.

In this competition the combination of speed & the amount of stars you gather are the key to victory. Very impressive to watch this was a perfect activity to fill a rare windless day!

After that you will get an inside look on how I live in my van and why I like to travel this way.

Windsurfing spot: Murta Maria

During this episode we visit a more local spot near Olbia called Murta Maria. Famous for its local thermic this is one of the spots you need to know on Sardinia if you want to catch a good amount of extra days on the water. When the Mistral stops working in Porto Pollo and the wind turns towards a SE direction with not much cloud cover you can score days on 5.2 and 4.8 even when windguru is only giving 8 – 10 knots of wind. Especially in summer this spot produces some good conditions when no where else there is wind.

Conditions are flat and the wind is a bit more gusty as it gets accelerated over land. Ussually the thermic doesn’t start before 1 in the afternoon and stays till around 5 , 5.30 p.m. so don’t worry if you arrive early and there isn’t any wind yet. Have a coffee at the local surfclub/bar and enjoy the amazing view!

Kite surfing isn’t allowed at this spot and will need to go one beach more to the North.

How to get there from of Porto Pollo?

Drive towards Olbia and keep going straight till past the Airport from Olbia in Southerly direction. Keep doing this till you arrive in the village Murta Maria and take the first left and than straight left again on the small roundabout. Go through the little Residential area following the road till on a dirt road next to a little lagoon. Follow this one till the end and you are at the spot!

For more info look on:

Big thanks to the guys of Bern Media for this amazing edit again, Go Pro for borrowing us some camera’s to use!

All is shot with GH4 Lumix , GoPro 4 Black , FZ1000 Lumix and Phantom 3 Professional.

If you wan’t any more info or have some feedback please don’t hesitate to comment below or send a mail to

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