Kauli Seadi – Brazil – Part 3

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Published on May 1, 2010 by Windsurfing.TV

For the third episode in this series we go to Ibiraquera in Brazil, the place where Kauli grew up and still spends most of his time.

Kauli: ‘Brazil to me is home sweet home, everything is special, I love it there. The food is amazing, all my family, my girlfriend and friends are there, we have nice waves to surf and windsurf, it’s perfect. Ibiraquera is a great spot, we have conditions from both tacks, from light to strong wind, big and small waves… It is a nice spot to practice moves, although most of the time we sail beside the island with side-offshore winds, in classic conditions. I have set up a windsurf centre there as well now: Club Kauli Seadi. The centre is located on the beach, just by the waves and super close to the lagoon as well, so people can enjoy all windsurf disciplines. It’s not crowded and besides that there’s the beauty of the place, so peaceful.’

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