I know what you did last summer – Justyna Sniady

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Published on July 13, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

“I know what you did last summer”  Justyna Snaidy Ripping in OZ!!!

She might have grown up miles from the sea…  but she’s a ripper mate!!!

Perfect forwards, Smooths Backies and tearing up the waves… chuck in a good tune and some special moves… No handed Backie and Table top forward!!! Boom… Killing it!


Justyna Sniady: Here’s a recap of my last summer (winter) season in Australia.

We got some good waves and wind and I was trying to squeeze in as much sailing as possible in-between working full time. In fact I did almost 50K km during ca. 6 months of chasing forecasts! Went through a new set of tyres! haha..

Thank you to all who filmed me every now and then:  Ben Proffitt from Windsurfing.TV Avan GriffithJames Broomheadd, Maeli Cherel Gunnar Asmussen and others! Big thank you to GoProMystic and Simmer Style for ongoing support!

Hope you enjoy the clip! Thanks for watching 

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