GA / Tabou Team – Going OFF in Maui

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Published on February 11, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

Awesome action and edit from the GA / Tabou Team…  Some Big take downs as well 🙂

Jamie Hancock:

In April 2016 I was in Maui filming the 2017 GA / Tabou photoshoot with all the team. We had an amazing week of windsurfing conditions which included a solo session at Jaws. We hadn’t really planned to go there earlier in the day and had started the day shooting freeride at Sprecks beach. By the afternoon Hookipa looked massive so we took the gamble to check Jaws, one that definitely paid off. My problem was that my tripod wasn’t packed into the car at Sprecks, so for the first time in history I had forgotten my tripod and it was the time we were about to score a session at Jaws… Not good. But to make the best of a bad situation I positioned my camera on a rock and left it running and took to the sky with the drone. The launch / landing site was under some trees and a very small area for any take off and landing. The spray from the waves was impossible to see at 400 metres away but in the end the footage was great and gave a very cool view of the guys catching a few bombs. I have a huge respect for the guys going out that day. Thomas was going nuts and even 21 year old, Aleksy Gayda, wiped out unassisted and dealt with a pretty bad situation amazing well. Not bad for a kid from Essex..

Artist: The Black Angels
Track: ‘Entrance Song’

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