Ep-2 – Push Loop Training Diaries – 2016

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Published on August 29, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

Episode 2 of the Push loop Training Diaries is here…
5 guys take on the challenge to land a Push loop… and if they fail.. they get their head shaved!!!
In this Episode we follow the first days antics of Felix Spencer, Erik Dekker and Harco (boss of TWS) on their quest to master the Push Loop…
watch the full episode here to see how he gets on!

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  • Beric W 1 year ago

    Come on!!! No doubt! Looking forward to Ep 3. How about including 8:00 to 8:10 of this at real time with volume? And more? Thanks again! On sad note, sorry to see your new style, but you know high levels of testosterone can cause baldness, right? So now you are just adverting that you are truely ready, right?

  • Angus 1 year ago

    Good one guys !!! Good effort. Glad you got cooker wind going.
    Here’s a little challenge from suid afrika.
    The S-MOVE.
    Not more than a handful landed that I seen. See once on the wc wave event.
    But my siggy move.
    Try it out.
    Vertical end over end forward loop. Body upside down.. high enough to rotate backwards out of it. To come back down the reverse forward action. Sail away .
    Wicked feeling.
    When got the Kona for that then try land a one handed S-Move .
    All best have fun


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