Typical Windsurfer!! haha – Alessio Stillrich

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Published on September 11, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

haha…  read Alessio description below! Brilliant…  a true windsurfer…  one week holiday with the Misses but had to fly home for 2 days in the middle as the forecast was too good!! haha.. Brilliant!
Was it worth it?  well looks like he got to practice his Air Taka’s 🙂   …plus pretty much every other move!

Looked worth it to me…  although i’m probably not the best person to ask!!

Alessio Stillrich: After a long and windy summer I decided to take a week of together with my girlfriend. We headed to the smallest of the Canary Islands called El Hierro. In the beginning of september the wind in Pozo usually disappears completely after blowing every day for 3 month. This year it was still not over. I saw the wind forecast and decided to take a flight back home for the best two days.
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