Driven By Drive – Martin Ten Hoeve

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Published on June 26, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

Windsurfing TV:

If your a Big guy and complain you can’t get your big board around the turns…  check this video out! Martin Ten Hoeve aka Lampie Is throwing his 116L board in to al sorts of critical turns!! No excuses big boys 🙂

This video Driven By Drive got filmed 19-6-2016 in Hanstholm, Denmark.

I was sailing through the whole session with my Goya quad 116L and Point-7 Salt 5.2 with not much wind on the inside and quite allot of current outside.
I choose this title because my Goya 116L has so much drive, and it’s really a joy to sail such a big board.

That weekend was my first real windsurf session where I pushed myself to the max after my foot injury, to see if I was ready for the first PWA event in Pozo. I came to the conclusion that I need more time, and I have therefore sat my goal to first come back for PWA Tenerife and not enter the event in Pozo.

Filmed by Sara Sandahl.

Hope you enjoy this video as it is my first self made video in 10 years.

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