Cheers Mate Ep.3 – African Surfari – Adam Sims

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Published on March 20, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

One year later and it’s back to Namibia, this time an organised Surfari took us not just to the spots we knew but much further into the depths of Africa. Things didn’t quite go to plan as the wind was less than ideal, either gusting near 70 knots or nothing at all, there were just a few precious hours of manageable conditions. Hours which salvaged what could have been a total disaster of an expedition. Joined by Adrian Beholz and his crew in Luderitz the evening sundowner gave way to freestyle perfection and so Cheers Mate episode 3 could see the light of day. Enjoy the edit here and get a load of what episode 4 has to offer.

Produced by Adam Sims

Once Upon A Lucid Dream – Kisha Basha
Pools – Glass Animals


Filming by
Adam Sims
Riccardo Marca
Florian Ragossnig
Sylvie Hödlmoser
Manuel Kappmeyer (

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