Dieter Van der Eyken Leaves Starboard!!!!

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Published on December 31, 2017 by Windsurfing.TV

Check out Dieter Van der Eyken last video on Starboard!!

As he leaves Starboard for 2018…

Where will he go?

Well he’s keeping in the same family… as he’s going All ‘Severne’  Sails and now Boards too!!

More news coming… as it also looks like he will take on a job inside the brand!


Dieter Van der Eyken: After my injury beginning of October I’m happy to be back on the water and prepare myself for the upcoming season. Although my foot isn’t 100% yet I’m more than happy to be out there and get a couple of hours in every day!

During this trip to Gnaraloo we scored a lot of different conditions. From very strong winds with a solid very southerly swell to float & ride conditions with smaller but cleaner waves. Great 8 days in the dessert and great way to end the year.

I would like to thank Starboard for there support over the past 15 years (nationally and internationally) and wish them all the best of luck in the future. For 2018 our ways will split and a new exciting challenge waits for me within Severne!

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and a windy 2018!

All the best,


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