2016 – Proffitt’s Training diaries – Australia – part 1

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Published on February 5, 2016 by Windsurfing.TV

This has been on my Facebook for a while www.facebook.com/k800ben sorry it’s taken a while to upload it here!! anyway..

First update from Australia…
i won’t lie it’s not been the best of seasons here in Oz but that doesn’t mean the conditions have been bad… it’s just means you have to drive a little!! …a little meaning.. sh@t loads!!

Highlights in Part 1:
– Abrolhos Islands – A quick round up of the trip… including Shark catching, sea sickness.. oh yeah and a bit of sailing!
– Jaeger Stone – Double forward update
– Amado Vrieswijk – Takes a couple on the head on his first day!
– Cape Town – We have a message for ya!
– Who will be the Rocket Man??

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