Guess Proffitt’s Speed Challenge

You might remember last year on the 1st of June 2015 i announced a speed Challenge ‘Guess Proffitt’s Speed’ …  the concept was pretty simple… i had 12 months to go as fast as i could! …and you guys had to guess what my top Vmax would be come the end of the 12 months.

I opened it up to all my Facebook followers and it was good to see everyone get involved.

There were some pretty high guesses and some pretty low ones….  cheers Oisín van Gelderen!!! haha


69.69 Julien Savina
51.01 Martijn Blokland
50.17 Darren Mathers
50.00 Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers
49.99 Steve Thorp
48.90 Laurent Orlandini
48.00 Robert Kreisel
47.69 John Midgley
47.57 Jeremy Johnson
47.33 Jon Thorne-Taylor
47.33 Niels Vierin
47.20 Mike Spencer
46.72 Mike Sinclair
46.66 Jernej Podlipnik
45.67 Matt Dowse
45.26 Helmut Pont
45.01 Lewis Merrony
45.00 Mark Hayford
45.00 Max Schneider
45.00 Fran Horzelenberg
44.95 Chris Freeman
44.90 Paulussen Willem
44.80 Max Speakman
44.70 Russell Johns
44.69 Severin Summer
44.65 David Lakins
44.58 Alfie Hart
44.38 Jack Stannard
44.35 Tom Tuna Wells
44.25 Markus Rydberg
44.15 Edoardo Orbecchi
44.12 Nicolai Frengen
44.08 Maximilian Hinz
43.99 Yannick Nissen
43.97 Darko Defranceschi
43.89 Caryl Stuffertz
43.70 Joren Boons
43.65 Willem Louagie
43.60 William Arney
43.55 Natalie N Darren Love
43.53 Calle Sollander
43.45 Adam Hatfield
43.38 Marc Clothier
43.33 Simon Sanderson
43.22 Jan Cas Smit
43.21 Jörg Feddermann
43.20 Jannik Poschen
43.15 Gianluca Sperti
43.10 Taro Q Teressmarie Tucker
43.07 Paul Jones
43.06 Jonas Thyme
43.00 Chris Bates
42.98 Christian Olesen
42.86 Mark Forest Thompson
42.83 Jelte Schuurmans
42.70 Thomas Buchan
42.69 Bjarke Lerche Storm
42.69 Bjorn Drogtrop
42.65 Niels van der Beek
42.60 Hugh Sim
42.51 Andy Barber
42.50 Joe Thompson
42.50 Flavio Maestroni
42.44 Alastair Nichol
42.42 Örjan Nordlund
42.35 Glenn Parry
42.32 Finn Mellon
42.30 Martyn Ogier
42.30 Matthew M C Yeates
42.19 Mattia Muschio Ciarlatani
42.12 Tomi Bußkamp
42.11 Michele Fasolino
42.10 Rc Olsen
42.07 Sergio Gaspar
42.07 Marco Bal
42.00 Kacper Stachura
41.88 Igor Zorec
41.80 Francois Torrepadu
41.67 Martijn Kooij
41.65 Ron Hutchinson
41.57 James Nind
41.36 Lucien Nieman
41.34 Vincent Bucaille
41.25 Marcel Klein
41.00 Andrea Parrella
40.99 Hans Allard de Wilde
40.87 Jack Fraser
40.87 Martin Rol
40.80 Justyna Sniady
40.68 Déwi Le Jallé
40.57 Mark Csete
40.51 Stijn Tuytens
40.36 Andrej Babič
40.24 Andreas Stegmann
40.02 Steven van der Lelie
40.01 Luca Gallitognotta
40.01 Dieder Schuurmans
40.00 Haris Mavris
39.99 Pedro Costa
39.62 Mark van Osch
39.50 Fran Horzelenberg
39.40 Christian Frank
39.37 Simon Sweeney
39.22 Lee Todman
39.21 Juan Cañavate
39.11 Joni Peng
39.00 Felix Ahlers
38.75 George Morris
38.60 Henning Voges
38.54 Darko Defranceschi
38.50 Joren Boons
38.02 Paul Rahden
37.80 Steph Blg
36.07 Juani Barrios
34.60 Bruce Spedding
33.33 Thomas Plattner
29.98 Neric Nericneric
24.99 Andy Laufer
23.32 Neil Pete
18.50 Oisín van Gelderen


Now I  i won’t lie to you, I haven’t exactly been active on the speed front…  in fact i only managed one proper day and that was the day it was launched! Pretty disappointing really but it’s just not been a good year for speed and i’ve not been in the right places when it has been on.

The day it’s self wasn’t exactly the best day and for sure i still have a lot to learn but i managed a Vmax of 41.15 knots  with a 6.2 SCR Simmer and a Moo custom 45 (i think) Not too bad…  but i really think i can go a lot faster!

Definitely not 50knots but i have to say it still felt pretty quick…  i’m keen to get the speed kit out now i’m back in the UK. i just need some wind… and with still over a month to go it’s possible i will get a few runs in!

If we don’t get any Wind, it’s looking like “Marcel Klein’ has the top prize in the bag!!



Watch this space….


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